CREDITS 2 (LV) 3 (ECTS) - 30 Contact Hours

The course is aimed at introducing the students with the functioning of the Court of Justice of the European Union, mainly through its jurisprudence. Since the establishment of the Court of Justice of the European Union in 1952, its mission has been to ensure that "the law is observed" "in the interpretation and application" of the Treaties. The Court is one of the most powerful driving forces of integration in the EU since it reviews the legality of the acts of the EU institutions, and ensures that Member States comply with their obligations. On more than one occasion the interpretation it has given on the European Union law at the request of the national courts has had consequences in the daily life of each of us. Finally, the Court has some unique procedural aspects as a multilingual institution, where each of 23 official languages of the European Union can be the language of a case.