CREDITS 2 (LV) 3 (ECTS) - 30 Contact Hours

This course discussed the general concepts inheritance law. The course adopts a comparative view of the main topics, including the substantive law of inheritance, covering the details of both testate and intestate succession. The course briefly covers the major forms of non-probate property change as well. For procedural issues, the basics of the European notarial system is compared with the common law probate procedure. The course briefly looks at some international sources of inheritance. The course ends with a brief discussion of the private international law aspects of cross-border inheritance and outlines the main points of the European Succession Regulation.

The course consists of lectures and seminars. Lectures in a particular topic will be followed by one or more seminars, which aim at developing the students’ problem solving skills. For seminars students are expected to analyze and discuss real and fictional cases.