CREDITS 2 (LV) 3 (ECTS) - 30 Contact Hours

The course will focus on both, theoretical knowledge about the role and place of international organizations in contemporary international relations as well as practical, case related solutions in their work. Different theoretical approaches, which are dealing with analysis of development and activities of international organizations, will be considered.

Within the course various international organizations will be examined, considering their historical origins, roles and functions, as well as international and domestic political forces that impact their working and effectiveness.

Activities of international organizations in political, economic, humanitarian, social and cultural spheres will be analyzed. Within the course membership of Latvia in different international organizations as well as activities of different international organizations in Latvia will be discussed.

Within the course activities of the international non-governmental organizations will be considered by paying attention to their role, potential and limitations in international relations.

Note: issues related to the European Union and NATO will be not discussed within this course.