CREDITS 2 (LV) 3 (ECTS) - 30 Contact Hours

The course is a practical in nature and aids in developing an entrepreneurial idea by providing the skills and knowledge necessary for such endeavour. The course briefly explains the necessities of starting a business in fifteen (15) jurisdictions across the globe. The course balances between the basic legal requirements of starting a business in the said jurisdictions, with universal skills and knowledge necessary to start a business.
The structure of the course is designed to provide experience that is needed to start a business in real life. Students undertaking the course will be required to start a mock business in of the fifteen (15) jurisdictions chosen for the purpose of the course. This will be a team exercise, since successful start-ups in real life is comprised of functional teams. The process of starting a company begins with ideation followed by market research and business plan. The business plan is put into action by developing the product or service. The costs that arise during the research, development and running the enterprise is covered either by self-financing or through raised capital from investors or lenders. The product is launched and if successful, the next stage is growth and expansion. This course takes the participants through the entire process in a time frame of six weeks. The course is premised on the notion that entrepreneurship can be taught and anyone can pick the skills to start a new venture.