1.5 (ECTS) - 12 Contact Hours

The course deals with defining key legal, financial and intellectual property components venture capital industry consists from, providing an insight into legal status of actors involved, types of risk capital, relevance of intellectual property as an asset of the risk-capital seeking company, as well as specifics of freedom-to-operate searches. The course explains, key concepts the venture industry operates with, functioning logic of venture funds, their legal commitments and requirements, ways of IP protection and monetisation, as well as using IP as an asset to attract equity funding or utilising it as an in-kind contribution. Furthermore, the course aims to provide an insight in a structure of a venture deal, focusing on different types of supporting agreements such as SHAs, investment agreements (including specific conditions, such as drag-along, tag-along, dilution, priority buyout etc), licenses and in-kind contribution arrangements. 

RFE139 - Knowledge-based capital and fundamentals of venture capital industry.pdfRFE139 - Knowledge-based capital and fundamentals of venture capital industry.pdf