CREDITS 2 (LV) 3 (ECTS) - 30 Contact Hours

This course will provide a general understanding on Data Protection legal and technical regulation. The students will get the basic information on why data protection is necessary in today’s world, and how it is possible to provide it using available tools.

The course will consist of three main parts: legal, technical and Data Protection in organizations that is devoted to merging legal and technical Data Protection backgrounds.

The course will consist of lectures, seminars, quick tests, section tests (in-class open book exams) and a role play. Within the seminars the students will discuss different aspects of data protection based on the materials of the lectures and will get practical experience and information on data protection. The quick tests for 5-10 minutes will be provided at the end of each class in order to help the students to memorize the material better. Two one-hour and one one-and-half-hour section tests (in-class open book exams) will be provided at the end of each thematic section. The course will end with the role play where students will need to apply all the gained knowledge to the real Data Protection problems. For these purposes, the students will be separated in several groups with different scenarios.

RBE251 Course Outline.pdfRBE251 Course Outline.pdf