RM132 International Adjudication

This course offers students a deeper understanding of the role and functioning of international courts and tribunals in the resolution of disputes between States. It will also give them insight in the contribution of such institutions to the progressive development of public international law. Landmark rulings will be discussed of the Permanent Court of International Justice (PCIJ), the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and a number of important international arbitral tribunals. One very recent case will, given its significance, be analyzed in some detail. The course will conclude with several classes dealing with the World Trade Organization: its  history, membership and structure and, given the principal objective of this course, the WTO Dispute Settlement System. Here too, case-law will be reviewed. The course is, from beginning to end, interactive and classes require thorough preparation. Students are expected to read and study the international courts' judgements and arbitral awards of the cases discussed in class and should, when called upon, be able to recite the facts of the case discussed in a clear and coherent manner.

RM132 Course Outline International Adjudication.pdfRM132 Course Outline International Adjudication.pdf