CREDITS 1 (LV) 1.5 (ECTS) - 15 Contact Hours

This course explores framework of problematic areas and practical implementation aspects of contemporary coercive and other mechanisms in Public International Law which are designed to be used in cases of non-compliance with law (specifically, sanctions, review mechanisms, countermeasures and retorsion, as well as “voluntary” acceptance of norms). Starting with evolution and development of specific measures like, for example, “smart” sanctions, course than focuses on analyzing practice of subjects and related issues while applying such measures (UN practice (veto power), EU practice (CFSP framework), unilateral actions of states). Throughout the classes various problematic aspects connected to usage of such mechanisms will be addressed, like Human Rights related issues and judicial review possibilities (ECtHR case study), extraterritorial legislation issues, interdependence of subjects and impact on effect of measures, as well as issues related to Draft articles on Responsibility of States for Internationally Wrongful Acts.

RBE240 CourseOutline 15-16.pdfRBE240 CourseOutline 15-16.pdf