CREDITS 4 (LV) 6 (ECTS) - 60 Contact Hours

The course covers the historical reasons and motivations for situations and problematic issues that the modern policy makers are coping with. The course is structured to cover the most important political and economic aspects and controversies in Europe, Americas, Africa, China, Middle East and Central Asia. With the emphasis on topics and international relations problematic this course addresses the history from the explanatory perspective. Regions and countries, and their specific cultural, economic and political heritage will be discussed during interactive lectures, allowing the students to engage in an active exchange of ideas, and provide alternative perspectives on historic developments. During the first part of lectures, such general issues as European integration, types of political regimes and the concept of nation-state and the genesis of populism will be addressed too. In addition, attention will be paid to various economic ideologies and to the consequences of inherent incompatibility of globalization with democratic politics.