CREDITS 2 (LV) 3 (ECTS) - 30 Contact Hours

The course is aimed at introducing the students with instruments of legal thinking and tactics how to think about the law. The participants will assess various answers which have been given to the big and deceptively simple question: What is Law? They will be introduced to a set of techniques used to analyse and apply the law; and to determine the appropriate weight that should be accorded to different sources of law. First, in order to understand the notion of law as a system made of certain type of rules the course will address the question what makes given rule a binding legal norm. The aim of this is to reveal the different sources of law and their respective legal force, the complexity of interplay between them and how to question the validity of any rule. Further, we’ll look at the methods of legal interpretation. With examples from national, foreign, European and international legal texts we will be looking for a common method behind the reality which may see chaotic on the surface. In addition, we will tackle the problematics of dispute resolution. Finally, we will be looking whether law pursues a moral justification of its own or depends on it.