CREDITS 3 (LV) 4.5 (ECTS) - 45 Contact Hours

The aim of the course is to introduce students with the core theories, concepts and approaches to negotiation strategies and tactics. The course will focus on the theory and practice of the negotiations. The study course is divided into two parts: theoretical approaches, concepts and multilateral negotiations’ simulations. Topics include basic negotiation strategies, cross cultural negotiation, negotiating in teams. Students will also learn about the impact of power, perception, argumentation, cognition on negotiations . In this course students will acquire a systematic negotiation strategy and the ability to apply it across a wide range of transactions. This course will enable students to develop skills for more successfully meeting your interests at the negotiation table. Students will have the opportunity to implement the core theories and concepts by participating in negotiation simulations.

During the course main focus will be on the different levels of the negotiations’ process, formation of the argumentation, impact of the persuasion. Combining theoretical and practical approach, students will have an overview and understanding about correlation of the negotiations’ strategies, goals and tools. In the end phase of the course students should to have knowledge on strategies and tactics of negotiations, use of argumentation, main principles of decision making during the negotiations.