1.5 (ECTS) - 12 Contact Hours

The course deals with all aspects of company law as they are regulated or reflected in EU law, with a special attention the role and requirements of company law in relation to the basic right of free movement on the internal market. The course covers the establishment, transfer, and dissolution of companies, as well as the rights and obligations of its key players and stakeholders, including the board of directors, management, shareholders and employees. Relations with public authorities are dealt with in relation to tax issues as well as audits. The course links with competition law in dealing with mergers and divisions, and with transborder litigation in dealing with recognition of bankruptcy. Case studies and student participation form an essential part of the course, which alternates between presentation lectures and discussion based seminars.

RF126 -European Company Law Course Outline 2016.pdfRF126 -European Company Law Course Outline 2016.pdf