RBE337_Course Outline.pdfRBE337_Course Outline.pdf

The principal objective of the course is to acquire the theoretical background necessary for writing and presenting a persuasive speech. Accordingly, students will get an insight into the history of rhetoric and learn about the characteristics of modern rhetoric, modes of appeal, rhetorical devices, types of meaning, structure of argument as well as the art of oratory, logical fallacies and presentation style. The course offers practical seminars where students are encouraged to share viewpoints and present sample speeches.

RBE211_Course Outline.pdfRBE211_Course Outline.pdf

CREDITS 2 (LV) 3 (ECTS) - 32 Contact Hours

The aim of this course is to provide a comprehensive understanding of elementary formal logic and to show its applications in the analysis of argumentation, thus, providing an introduction to critical thinking. Norms of rational argumentation and discourse will be discussed and practically applied.
Further, criteria of a logically consistent, clear and coherent thinking and correct argumentation will be also explored and applied in practical exercises.
The course will also investigate direct and indirect, normal and fundamental forms of arguments, logical operations, the relevant truth tables and their application in the analysis of compound expressions.