CREDITS 1 (LV) 1,5 (ECTS) - 16 Contact Hours

Course examines the role of Civil Protection system in Latvia (as in framework of the EU and NATO), its organization and management structure, and main tasks of the system’s subjects. The course explores the disaster management principles and planning aspects, analyses the legal and practical measures of cooperation among state, local government and other stakeholders during disaster situations. Course gives an insight on possible daily dangerous situations and threats, considers and provides safe behaviour principles and actions during such situations. Course ensures that students obtain general knowledge on disaster medical system and the role and practical implication of the first aid.

CREDITS 1 (LV) 1.5 (ECTS) - 15 Contact Hours

Study course Environmental Science and Sustainability is multidisciplinary and focuses on the sustainable concepts of Environment, Natural Processes in frame of Circular Economy & Technology. Materials and energy in nature and industry transform in cyclic way by human actions and this course provides moderate to advanced understanding of various processes of these transformations from the perspectives of the environment and sustainability. The course additionally contains actual discussions on sustainable natural ecosystems and their valuation as well as environmental management important for decision makers, authorities, lawyers and business people. This course is giving the wider perspective how society is changing the attitudes and shifting the process from linear (open loop) systems (production-product-waste) to closed loop circular economy system or ‘beyond the zero waste system’ where wastes become inputs for new processes and so on. Significant part of the course is devoted to Environmental Health and Legislation studied through real case studies and workshops together with students.

This is a mandatory six week course that forms the introduction to legal studies and is taught simultaneously to the first year students of both programmes: Law and Business and Law and Diplomacy. Throughout these six weeks the students will get a basic introduction to the Law, Economic Policy, Political Risks and Business Studies, as well as, practical training in the English language covered in the Academic and Legal English seminars. Law and Business students will have an introduction to the Mathematics and Statistics, the Law and Diplomacy whereas Law and Diplomacy students will learn an  introduction to International Relations.